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The Tweel Tire ... Future Of High Tech No Flat TiresBy Robin J. Derry

Scared of a break down while out on the highway? Flat tires, slow leaks, losing driving control may soon become a "thing of the past". Reason? The Michelin tweel may emerge from the technology labs as the newest, greatest on-the-road solution to flat tires.
The Tweel Future Driver Advantages
* Flat Free Driving - Ultimate Safety Benefit. No air is required by the tweel...therefore you won't get a flat tire. Glass, nails, exhaust pipes, sharp rocks can look elsewhere to wreak their havoc...the tweel will be virtually impervious and could become the long-awaited technology alternative to the puncture proof tire or the host of run flat tires designed by Dunlop or Goodyear. How cool is that!
* Potentially 2 To 3 Times Longer Tread Life. The prototype Michelin tweel has popped out of on-track and in-lab testing to reveal the possibility of tread life or running times of up to 3 times current air-filled tires. Why is this possible? For one the Michelin tweel prototypes reveal that up to 23 components typically built into the traditional air-filled tie will no longer be necessary...4 primary design elements bonded together will become the "simpler solution". It's early days "in the lab" so pricing on tweel tires is unknown.
* Improved Ride And Performance. When you want improved cornering capability, the strategy for 20th century traditional tires is "add air". you increase tire air pressure, the ride gets harsher in a "you-can't have-it-both-ways" technical impasse. The tweel resolves this conflict because the load-distributing 3rd layer stress band creates a uniform top-to-bottom as well as lateral side-to-side structure for refined load absorption. Result? You'll be able to increase lateral stiffness (think cornering ability) by over 5 times when compared to traditional tires, yet you'll give up nothing in terms of ride comfort. You'll get improved ride and handling.
* Avoiding Expensive Air Pressure Monitors And Gauges. Remove the air from your tire and you immediately remove expensive air pressure monitoring system devices including tire pressure monitors attached to the tire, sensor and data-send devices, dash board instruments for read outs, along with microprocessors in the car's computer system
Technology Revealed - Is The Michelin Tweel Actually A Run Flat Tire? No. What's emerging from the engineering technology lab is a 21st century integrated tire-wheel, the tweel, which relies on an ultimately simpler blending of structural outer rubber-like tread not so different from the appearance of a tradition tire tread...a structure-enhancing shear band wraps the engineered polyurethane spoke system in order to better distribute load during all driving conditions...and the core hub assembly which provides a fixed point of contact with your auto's axle.
Who Will Get The Tweel Technology First? Unless you're driving an armaments vehicle across Iraq, or you plan to be deployed in a military training ops center out of the war zone action theater, then you'll have to wait a few years before you'll see a tweel tire sported by passenger car or trucks. Military will have "first pick" rights, and will likely provide you with the sort of performance feedback that will result in an improved tweel for your vehicles.
Potential Tweel Design Shortcomings. All that's air-free may not necessarily please everyone. Prototype track experience shows that the Michelin tweel throws off a unique cacophony of road noise...perhaps no worse than what you may hear now, but rolling resistance and road noise do not magically "go away" . Rough roads...think rocks or washer board pitted dirt surfaces...look as though they'll throw off considerable vibration, transmitting a raw potentially jarring energy wave through your car. Yet, the tweel appears to easily handle bigger holes and road depressions without any aggravation. Stay relaxed, as the jury is out on how rough road vibrations get dampened by future generations of the tweel.
Bottom Line. Smart drivers will continue to drive cautiously, monitoring air pressure and making seasonal-weather adjustments until "break through" technologies like the putative Michelin tweel prove themselves reliable, available and at affordable costs.
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Author Robin Derry is publisher for a specialty knowledge site that gives insights and solutions into auto tire and wheels technology trends, medical spas, home and gardening projects such as decks and deer fencing, technology trends, unique gift designs, HDTV and home entertainment systems, technology gifts, tips for families committed to youth summer camps, body health, household, sport, travel, footwear, education, spendthrift trusts and family law legal needs, and much more.
Honda Matures In The IndustryBy Katie Jones

The Honda Manufacturing of Alabama LLC earlier announced a new $64.5 million expansion project. The project of the Japanese auto manufacturer, which is set to begin on May 1, is expected to create 20 new jobs.
The HMA’s new project also include 27,000 square feet of extra building space that will house and operate a steel banking facility alongside the present steel stamping lines. The project also covers the multi-million dollar expansion to continuously enhance Honda’s annual vehicle turnaround to more than 300,000 units.
“The addition of a steel banking facility will offer improved efficiency in costs, quality and delivery for our Alabama manufacturing operations,” said Mark Morrison, the manager of corporate affairs and communication for the HMA. “We believe the investment and additional employment offered by this new venture also will benefit our customers and the community.”
With a motion from the District 1 Commissioner Ed Lackey and a second from the District 5 Commissioner John Carter, the commission approved the tax abatement of the company for sales, use, and property taxes. Land abatements will last over a period of a decade for each piece of property and start on a property-by-property basis.
As estimated by experts, Honda will receive a $167,700 break from the annual amount of non-educational ad valorem taxes and $1,710,000 which has been abated from estimated construction-related transaction taxes.
The agreement stated that Honda and Talladega County each agree to pay its own costs and expenses related to the abatement. The county will not charge HMA a fee to secure the abatements and the company will continue to be primarily liable for the agreement to be carried out as stated. “Anything that will bring more jobs in for the county is a wonderful project,” said Commissioner Jimmy Roberson. “The abatements will go away, but those jobs are here to stay.”
HMA, at present, employs over 4,500 associates. In the state of Alabama, the company has a total of $1.3 billion investment. Since October 2006, the company has shown plans for a $91 million additional investment and this project will bring the manufacturing company to well over the $100 million mark.
Honda is most notable in the manufacture of both automobiles and motorcycles. But it is also famed in the manufacture of trucks, scooters, jets and jet engines, robots, ATV, water craft, electrical generators, lawn and garden equipment, marine engines, and aeronautical and other mobile technologies. The automaker, headquartered in Tokyo, produces state-of-the-art auto parts accessories like the Honda fender, engines, radiator, filter, and more.
Katie Jones writes for a local newspaper and her beat involves the latest updates in the automotive industry. She is also working on her book on cars during her spare time. Please visit Honda fender for more information
Toyota Camry Production Commences In IndianaBy Katie Jones

The Toyota Motor Corp. and the Subaru of Indiana automotive (SIA) earlier started the production of the Camry in Indiana. The joint venture of the Japanese automaker was made public in March last year. Said venture include the production of Toyota Camry at SIA.
A $230 million investment gives SIA the capacity to produce 100,000 Camry units annually. The Toyota Camry production will add 1,000 associates for a total of more than 3,200 at SIA. Attending the ceremony were FHI president Ikuo Mori and Toyota Motor Corporation president Katsuaki Watanabe. They commended SIA associates and Toyota team members involved in the project's development for their hard work and commitment to building America's best-selling car at SIA.
Mori said, “Production of the Camry at SIA represents an important start to our business collaboration with Toyota. Together, we were able to accomplish this goal in a short period of time through the efforts of all associates involved in this project." Watanabe added, "Fuji and Toyota faced many challenges for Camry production, including a short amount of preparation time, and we are grateful for the hard work of our associates and team members. We look forward to growing a long-term relationship with Fuji, SIA and the local community."
The new generation Camry is a redesigned version of the car. It is assembled at the Toyota’s Motor Manufacturing Kentucky in Georgetown, Kentucky and at the Toyota Manufacturing in Aichi, Japan, in Melbourne, Australia. The new Camry does not only feature the striking Toyota fender, it is also equipped with the potent 2.4 L VVT-i I4 as the previous generation and come in four trim levels: CE, LE, SE, and XLE. The optional 3.5 L VVT-i V6 engine that produces 268 horsepower is available with a 6-speed automatic transmission and a manual shift mode.
The Toyota Camry also features a navigation system with Bluetooth and heated leather seats (for the SE and the V6-powered XLE). Also, a keyless entry starter is made optional on the V6-powered XLE. The models intended for the American market typically feature JBL branded radios. Higher end models are made "satellite receiver ready" for Sirius Satellite Radio or XM receiver ready. The CE and LE have hubcap designs identical to its ancestors. The rear of the Camry features catchy headlight, grille, and the controversial "Bangle-butt."
"The Camrys are rolling and so is Indiana," said Governor Mitch Daniels. "We are honored by the new investment in our state and the confidence in Hoosier workers." To express thanks to the local community for its support, SIA and the fast rising Japanese automaker announced a $60,000 donation to the Columbian Park Zoo for its owl exhibit.
In addition to the Camry, SIA builds the Subaru Tribeca, Outback and the Legacy. SIA produced about 120,000 Subarus in 2006.
Katie Jones writes for a local newspaper and her beat involves the latest updates in the automotive industry. She is also working on her book on cars during her spare time. Please visit Toyota fender for more information.

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New Chevy Racing Campaign During Daytona 500By Aurel RadulescuAs the stars of NASCAR are revving their engines for the 2006 racing season, Chevy Racing will be celebrating it’s success on the track with a new advertising campaign set to kick off during the televised Daytona 500 race. Boasting about their 25 wins in the last 33 Manufacturer’s Cup Championships, Chevy racing plans to focus on the fact that they have won more than any other automobile manufacturer while dominating one of the most popular sports in America.The new Chevy Racing campaign unveils “Team Chevy,” which is an exclusive club consisting of some of NASCAR’s brightest stars and their participation using the Chevy Monte Carlo SS racing machine. While retaining it’s “American Revolution” tag line, Chevy also plans to incorporate a touch of humor with it’s new campaign.During the first commercial ad spot, fans will see “Toast.” This promo features Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Tony Stewart as they enjoy celebrating recent Team Chevy victories. As these superstars relive their wins, they incorporate NASCAR’s victory celebration into the crowd. As they spray champagne into the crowd of cheering fans, they also pour their champagne over the heads. The latter is customary for the victor in a NASCAR race, but Chevy decided to add a twist by spraying the fans, as well.During the second televised spot, titled “Office,” Team Chevy once again showcases their racing dominance as Chevy’s Racing Director, Terry, searches for space to display the latest awards for current NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart. As he searches all around, he finds that every inch of space is already occupied with trophies. But, perhaps there is room somewherel . . . ."Chevy Racing is all about a passion for racing and winning and that excitement extends to our vehicle lineup, which is now America's No. 1-selling automotive brand," said Ed Peper, Chevrolet General Manager. "Deutsch found a simple, clear way to deliver that message with a couple of great humorous twists." Chevy and NASCAR fans will get their first glance at the new advertising campaign during the NBC televised Daytona 500 event on February 19, 2006. Ads will appear nationally on both NBC and Fox. Printed ads, in conjunction with those being televised, will appear in USA today and in various racing program guides.Chevrolet is the bestselling automotive brand in the United States. With the largest dealer network in America, Chevy is the leader in full-size trucks and in the sale of vehicles priced at $35,000 and above. In addition, Chevy offers expressive design, valued pricing and spirited performance with features found only in the more expensive automobiles.Read real time NASCAR news or the latest Chevrolet cars reviews including 2007 Chevy Tahoe and 2006 Chevrolet Aveo

Racing and the Street- A Deadly CombinationBy Chris AlexanderStreet Racing seems like the most affordable way to get the automotive adrenaline rush all us enthusiasts crave. What member of America's youth doesnt get off to hot girls, fast cars, and free rides? What seems like fun and games to some, hoewever, is serious business to others. Not only is racing on public streets illegal in all 50 states, it is the most dangerous and selfish act the youth of today is getting involved in. Taking off after WWII when the youth returning from war had extra money and a need for speed to go with their new mechanical know-how, street racing quickly evolved into one of America's top killers in today's society. Inspired and revived by the Fast and the Furious movies, street racing has contributed to a frightening level of fatal crashes. Fatal crashes related to street racing has increased by more than 85% every year for the past 6 years. From 1999 to 2000, San Diego, CA has seen an increase of 97% of fatal crashes caused by street racing. Still sound like fun and games?
So why do kids street race? In the state of Florida, pedestrian injuries related to street racing has increased by 222% from 1999 to 2001. The leading cause of death for people ages 16-20 is automobile accidents. National averages show that for every 1000 street racers, there are 49 innocent by-standers who are injured or killed. So why do kids street race? The average consequences for street racing are: You will be arrested and have your car impounded for 30 days. You will be arrested and have your car (or your parent’s car!) permanently confiscated. You can be imprisoned for up to three months and fined up to $1,000. Your driver's license will be revoked. Your car insurance rates will increase or you can be cancelled.So America's youth still thinks drag racing is a more simple way to get the automotive high? All you need to race on an NHRA track is: Valid driver’s license Valid vehicle registration and insurance DOT-approved street legal tires Seat belts MufflerYou need this stuff to ride on the street too! So the hard-ass, ignorant street racers out there need to save up 20 bucks and enjoy the legal and exciting atmosphere at their local drag strip.This article was written by Chris Alexander of Modded Mustangs. If you have any further questions about Mustangs you can ask in their

Latest Formula One Racing StrategiesBy Dalvin RumseyAs you may already know, a Formula One Grand Prix lasts for a whole weekend. On Friday there are two free practices, and on Sunday there is another one. But these free practice sessions are not useless as you may think, as third drivers are allowed to run on Fridays for teams that finished the preceding season in 5th place or lower. A final session organized after the practices counts as qualification for the big event. The qualifying session has been through numerous changes during the last few years, as FIA has tried to bring back to life the interest in it. 2006 is the year that introduced a new qualifying system. This is how it all goes, starting with Round 11, the 2006 French Grand Prix. In the beginning, all 22 cars are allowed on the track for a 15 minute qualification session. Drivers may complete as many laps as they want, but only their fastest time will count. Until 2006, drivers on a timed lap did not have their time registered once the 15 minutes were up, because the clocks were stopped right at the end of the session. From Round 11, any car running a timed lap at the time of the chequered flag has the right to complete the lap. The slowest six cars will no longer compete in the qualifying session
and these cars will make up the last six grid positions in the order of their times, of course.The next 15 minutes session for the rest of the cars starts with times set back to zero. But the slowest cars will take the positions from 11 to 16 in the grid. Finally, the last 10 cars will start the next session arranged on the grid in positions one to ten in the order of their times. The difference between this final session and the first two ones is that the drivers must begin the final 15-minute session with the fuel load on which they plan to start the race. The fuel they use in this session will be precisely replaced.So, when the race is set to begin, the first lap is the one in which the cars must take the positions on the grid for which they have qualified for. This is called a formation lap.The start of the race is signaled by a light system above the track. During a race, drivers are allowed to make as many pit stops they like, so that they refuel and change their tires.The first eight drivers to cross the finish line are awarded from 10 points for the winner of the race, to 1 point for the eighth driver. This is what a Grand Prix is all about!Official Ferrari Merchandise . is the online F1 Shop of a licensed worldwide Formula 1 Grand Prix vendor of Official F1 Merchandise, F1 Clothing, Gifts and Memorabilia. Visit this site and grab your own Michael Schumacher cap. All available at special, online discounted prices.